The care and maintenance of you sculpture  will depend on where it is displayed.

If you choose to keep your sculpture indoors it will only  need to an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth or a rinse under the tap or hose. Outdoor covered areas are also low maintenance  they may require an occasional rinse under the hose, also an application of surface spray will discourage insects setting up home in them.

If you prefer to have your sculpture in the garden it will require some care and maintenance. Your outdoor sculpture may develop a patina over time, the degree to which this happens will depend on the colour, climate and position  Choose the position carefully and keep in mind how the weather affects other outdoor items in the area.

A coat of Paverpol from time o time will help protect outdoor sculptures from the weather, adding the same colour pigment to the Paverpol will give it a fresh new look.   Repeated applications will strengthen and harden the sculpture.

This simple technique can also be used to change the colour by adding a darker or stronger colour to the Paverpol.

















Sculptures that have been left outdoors for several years without care can still be restored.  This involves manually removing all the damaged fabrics and replacing it with new fabric. This is a time consuming project but you will be rewarded with a beautiful new sculpture.






If you love your sculpture but it is no longer fit for purpose, don’t despair it can be stunning again.

Contact me for Paverpol products for DIY projects or to have a sculpture restored.